Day 4

Suicide. Sadly, the town we are staying in experienced several teen suicides in 1 year. Yes. Enough to bring in the government to investigate. Which is a pretty big deal. And this town isn’t alone. Suicide is a nationwide concern that doesn’t discriminate age, wealth, gender, etc. Because suicide is based on emotions. And we all have them. That’s why, I advocate for more proactive … Continue reading Day 4

Stories Align

So we are outside of Pittsburgh, Pa and I randomly asked a teen, “What is the biggest teen issue in this area?” Her response, “Opioids. Some many of my friends use.” I asked, “Why?” “I don’t know. There’s nothing to do. We are stuck here and I don’t know. They start. Get addicted and the treatment doesn’t help.” “What’s missing?” “I don’t know. But it … Continue reading Stories Align

Day 2

“Can’t you just relax,” my husband stated firmly to me this morning. I was shocked by his comment. I mean we are close to Pittsburgh and I just wanted to go visit the city. It was calling me. But it wasn’t calling everyone. Nope. Everyone wanted to relax. So that’s what we did. We hung by the campsite. Instead of tramping through the city, we … Continue reading Day 2

Where are we going?

This trip is being determined by many things but one pull is to discover what’s going on in the United States with our youth and how leaders, cities and individuals are supporting this generation! Our Road Map We are leaving on Saturday June 24 and we are heading west to San Fran then returning to Allentown, PA by July 15th. Please check out our Instagram … Continue reading Where are we going?