After visiting Detroit, we took with us the word, Pride! Many community members noted their “pride” and how far Detroit has come and the now ‘new’ Detroit. This community even developed a motto: Detroit vs. Everyone. Wow! That’s super cool. What a motto. It’s almost a superhero themed message for a super city. “Detroit vs. Everyone.” Like a superhero, this city fought back and continues … Continue reading Pride

A Story Collector’s Journey

I collect stories. Good ones and bad ones.  Happy and sad. Triumphs and tragedies. Stories. I seem to collect them like people collect baseball cards. People share. I listen and empathize. We connect. Yes, my name is Allison and I am a story collector. But recently, I am tired of collecting sad stories about our youth. Stories about gangs, violence, trauma, suicide, drugs, depression, addiction, … Continue reading A Story Collector’s Journey