Hi, world.

Hi, world. My name is Allison. I am a mom, teacher, sister, advocate, friend, fighter, survivor of depression, recovered alcoholic, reader, camper, hikers, photographer, blogger, PTSD overcomer, homeschool parent, employee at Target, hairdresser, motivator, leader, not a very good writer, traveler, victim of bullying, military brat, petite in height, lover of folk music, adventurer, volunteer, game changer, quiet, educator in wellness, listener, empath, horrible cook, … Continue reading Hi, world.

A Story Collector’s Journey

I collect stories. Good ones and bad ones.  Happy and sad. Triumphs and tragedies. Stories. I seem to collect them like people collect baseball cards. People share. I listen and empathize. We connect. Yes, my name is Allison and I am a story collector. But recently, I am tired of collecting sad stories about our youth. Stories about gangs, violence, trauma, suicide, drugs, depression, addiction, … Continue reading A Story Collector’s Journey