The words I write will burn like hot sauce!

I warned you! Now, it’s your choice. If you are looking for that fluffy blog full of unicorns, sheep and ‘you are wonderful’ statements, you are on the wrong blog. This blog isn’t formatted to give you warm feelings about you, your kids and society. No. Totally not going to do that. Because most of us are already full of ourselves. So I don’t need … Continue reading The words I write will burn like hot sauce!

3 Books Same Message

When three books align, you can’t question the message. More American kids are medicated than ever. More kids use devices. More kids aren’t moving. There is a rise in obesity and not just obesity but overall poor health in kids and more parents running to doctors trying to fix their kids! Amazingly, these three books state similar solutions. All three state as parents we need … Continue reading 3 Books Same Message

This Fix is Right Here

As a mom, community member, and teacher, I have seen and heard stories from around our nation asking for help with teens and everyone is scrambling to find answers. I am also asking those same questions. Why are kids so sad? Why are kids struggling with anxiety, depression? Why are they turning to drugs? Why are they disengaged about school? Why? Why? Why? Those are … Continue reading This Fix is Right Here