There was a day I believed in education

About two years, I started to question one of the largest systems in the US. The educational system. A system that made my kid ill and he asked to come home. Even though, I am a teacher I began to question what was happening, the standards, the testing, the rigor?, the whole entire thing way before he cried homeschooling. I remember one-day teaching and saying … Continue reading There was a day I believed in education

How to Be Interesting?!

A new book to add to my collection. How To Be Interesting by Jessica Hady! Someday, I would love to share out my book collection to my community through a lending library in my youth studio. This unique library would provide teens, parents, guardians, and community members with current resources that inspire them to think differently, try new strategies, and truly dig into wellness practices, … Continue reading How to Be Interesting?!

3 Books Same Message

When three books align, you can’t question the message. More American kids are medicated than ever. More kids use devices. More kids aren’t moving. There is a rise in obesity and not just obesity but overall poor health in kids and more parents running to doctors trying to fix their kids! Amazingly, these three books state similar solutions. All three state as parents we need … Continue reading 3 Books Same Message