Day 4

Suicide. Sadly, the town we are staying in experienced several teen suicides in 1 year. Yes. Enough to bring in the government to investigate. Which is a pretty big deal. And this town isn’t alone. Suicide is a nationwide concern that doesn’t discriminate age, wealth, gender, etc. Because suicide is based on emotions. And we all have them. That’s why, I advocate for more proactive … Continue reading Day 4

Exercise, the natural healer

Ahhh…exercise! As adults, youth, and even kids, we state, there isn’t enough time. But what if doctors/ therapists prescribed exercise to you/everyone for mental health healing, not to lose weight, would you do it? Would you carve out 30 or 60 minutes a day for your mental health or block out about 75 minutes a week to address your brain functioning? If the doctor told … Continue reading Exercise, the natural healer