How to Be Interesting?!

A new book to add to my collection. How To Be Interesting by Jessica Hady! Someday, I would love to share out my book collection to my community through a lending library in my youth studio. This unique library would provide teens, parents, guardians, and community members with current resources that inspire them to think differently, try new strategies, and truly dig into wellness practices, … Continue reading How to Be Interesting?!


2012. The year I graduated as an adult from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. 2012. The year I was awarded honors, a bachelors in education and political science, recognized for my leadership on campus and awarded with a top honor as being an educator who would influence education! Who knew it would take 2 mental breakdowns, sobriety, releasing myself from expectations, saving my son … Continue reading 2012

This Fix is Right Here

As a mom, community member, and teacher, I have seen and heard stories from around our nation asking for help with teens and everyone is scrambling to find answers. I am also asking those same questions. Why are kids so sad? Why are kids struggling with anxiety, depression? Why are they turning to drugs? Why are they disengaged about school? Why? Why? Why? Those are … Continue reading This Fix is Right Here