Day 4


Sadly, the town we are staying in experienced several teen suicides in 1 year.


Enough to bring in the government to investigate.

Which is a pretty big deal.

And this town isn’t alone. Suicide is a nationwide concern that doesn’t discriminate age, wealth, gender, etc.

Because suicide is based on emotions.

And we all have them.

That’s why, I advocate for more proactive emotional wellness resources for individuals and families throughout our nation.

Instead of reactive.

We need to be proactive.

In my case and many others, you have to extremely ill to receive help instead of slightly okay to receive support. And that has to change.

Sadly, the wait to feel ill isn’t healthy and that wait can make recovery longer and more intense for the individual and the family. And must be changed.

So, I am proposing that the mental health world flip its programming to being proactive and early responding with the intent to move mental health forward, therapeutic from the start, and an okay topic to openly discuss.

As a family, we understand the struggles and hope to make a difference by sharing our story, advocating for new, and suggesting ways to work the mental health issues.

Feeling sad,

Allison & Family

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