Day 3

What a day.

Today, we explored Pittsburgh, Pa. and oh man, what a great city.

We weren’t sure what to expect since we only read or heard about the city, but we quickly settled in and enjoyed what the city had to offer.

In the short hours we were there, we saw Carnegie Science Center, RandyLand, Bike Heaven, and Alphabet Bookstore. We also ate lunch at the famous sandwich shop called Primanti Bros. yum.

Now, that’s all amazing tourist stuff, but my mission is to discover what makes a city great and to take back new ideas to my city of Allentown, Pa.

So, after visiting several super cool spots, we reflected as a family and agreed that Pittsburgh loves “being itself.”

Now what do I mean be that.

Pittsburgh seems to embrace the concept, Be YOU!

The places we visited were unique and focused on individual talents or the talents of the community.

Which is pretty fantastic!

For example:

The robotic exhibit in Carnegie Science Center. That was based on Pittsburgh’s love of robotic and science.

Randyland. Man, that guy loves art and his community. Randyland is a must see when you come to Pittsburgh!

We also met the owner of Bike Heaven. That guy he loves bikes. So he collects bikes. A lot of bikes! And so he shares them with the world. Another must see place when you are in Pittsburgh!

For lunch we decided to eat at the famous Primanti Bros. yum. This place loves making sandwiches. Not just any sandwich, but a French Fry filled sandwich.

What! Something different, but loved by all.

Oh, I can’t leave out the Alphabet Bookstore and The City of the Asylum community space. We didn’t stay for the live music but we shopped the bookstore and discussed what makes this space special.

During the trip, we also noted the fitness trails, huge parks, and bike lanes. It was so nice to see people out and moving all day.

During our brief trip, we also enjoyed The Strip. What a magical place to walk and shop.

Every shop we entered people greeted us and were willing to help and talk about Pittsburgh! It was so refreshing.

People here really love their city and they show it.

I mean we were really shocked how people all around us love what they do and the city they were doing whatever they were doing it in.

Again, people in Pittsburgh are truly proud of Pittsburgh! And that’s super awesome!


As visitors, we were impressed and didn’t what to leave.

But we were tired and the kids had had it so we left the city and headed back to camp.

But as we drove home, we continued to talk about the vibe the city possesses, the people we meet and things we loved about the city and how we wanted take certain concepts back to our city like embracing the “Be You” concept and the city friendly fitness paths.

Thanks Pittsburgh for some new ideas!


Allison & Family

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