Day 2

“Can’t you just relax,” my husband stated firmly to me this morning.

I was shocked by his comment. I mean we are close to Pittsburgh and I just wanted to go visit the city.

It was calling me. But it wasn’t calling everyone.


Everyone wanted to relax.

So that’s what we did.

We hung by the campsite.

Instead of tramping through the city, we read, colored, hung out with each other and enjoyed nature. I mean running the city would have been fun, but sometimes it’s nice to slow down and relax.

So day 2 involved a Krispy Kreme donut visit, a walk through a park, pool side fun, basketball, a picnic lunch and a cold dinner by the fire.

All very slow activities for a typically busy family!

At the end of the day, I asked the kids, “Did you have fun?”

They shouted, “Yes! We did nothing and it was fun.”

I guess slow is good! I mean we run all the time from place to place and that’s fine and it works, but sometimes it’s good to slow down and enjoy the simple things and each other. 🙂

Slowing down,

Allison & Family

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