You Can’t Ignore That

That’s what my husband said to me this morning as I told him a story which happened yesterday.

My afternoon started with the dreaded phone call from the dealer informing me that my car’s transmission is failing.

GREAT! Just what I needed before leaving for a nationwide tour.

When the dealer called, I looked at the time.

It was 2 PM and I had to get to work by 4 PM and I didn’t have a car and time was ticking.

I texted my husband the news and he texted: Do what you think is best.

So I called the dealer and rented a car for a few days.

Seemed simple enough.

I called the rental company and in 20 minutes, there was a car picking me up out in front of my new place.

That’s when I met this super cool guy and the serendipitous conversation started.

The man said, “I haven’t driven down here in a long time.”

He paused then continued, “I used to work around here. Right down here on the right.” He gestured to the right.

Another pause. “I used to work there for about three years with the youth in that a rehab center.”

We drove past it and he told his story.

He rambled on about his experiences, teen issues and his wish for parents to be more involved.

It was as if he knew what my mission was and he was there to inspire me to continue to pursue it without even knowing me or what I was doing.

After listening to his story, I briefly told him about The Youth Tour.

My son chirped, “My mom is going to give a Ted Talk someday.”

Love that kid. 🙂

As I got out of the car, he said, “We need something positive like your tour. People need this. Good Luck.”

I didn’t really think about it. I was more worried about getting my kid to tutoring and off to work. It was now 3:15 and I had only 45 minutes to run to two places and clock in on time and it was going to be tight.

Time was my focus, not the conversation.

Yes, I heard him and his words, but life was calling me to check off my list of things to do and move on.

But as I told my story to my husband, he said, “You can’t ignore this. You have to do this, Allison. That was more than just a circumstance. Don’t you get it.”

It then hit me. I can’t ignore this mission.

Even if I ignore and push it away it will say, “Listen to me. You must go. You must drive. You must be the change the youth need.”

I guess I have no option.

I will drive and complete this task for the youth and the cool rental car dude that shared his story.

Happy Not Ignoring,


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