The Power of No

There was a day.  I said yes to everything.

It was on automatic response. But then my son became sick, I am said NO!

I mean a strong NO!

A NO that people didn’t question.

A NO that you knew that I wasn’t messing around.

And that No has taken me to today.

A me that has a backbone. A me that says I don’t like that or this.

And NO! I am going to do it my way.

This may seem silly because you may be a NO person, but for years I was a YES.

I gave everything to everyone, everything until all of my YES landed my into a hospital, taking pills, drinking daily and losing myself in the my own life.

Yes, that’s what happened. Those Yeses led to all of that mess.

And yes, it was an aweful mess until I YELLED NO! 


Yes, the world tells us to say Yes to fun, new experiences, and life.

I totally get all of that Yes stuff, but I am saying it’s okay to say NO. No has it’s place in your life, too.

Try using your No voice and you may find your NO is just as powerful as your YES!

Happy No Day,


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