The words I write will burn like hot sauce!

I warned you!

Now, it’s your choice.

If you are looking for that fluffy blog full of unicorns, sheep and ‘you are wonderful’ statements, you are on the wrong blog.

This blog isn’t formatted to give you warm feelings about you, your kids and society.

No. Totally not going to do that.

Because most of us are already full of ourselves. So I don’t need to boost you up anymore. You can look at your most liked photo later.

Now, we are going to be real.

This blog is going to disrupt the norms, challenge the typical and raise awareness about things we don’t what to talk about.

Oh no! Scary.

If you have a sensitive, frail heart, and can’t take criticism, ughhh……your are going to cry, turn away and refuse to read.

So in my eyes, you are wasting your time or you will have to build in some extra mental strength because right now I am warning you I am going to brutally honest and not turn this blog into a cute kid’s book.

So, I don’t know what to tell you except to find a new blog or go see a therapist.

But if you love in your face honesty, in depth reflection, against the grain writing, welcome and enjoy my rebellion.

Scratch that.


Yes, a revolution to alter our societies’ realities, push readers to scream, think, stir and make major changes in how we behave, parent, relate to teens, and prevent society from sheep-like behaviors then enjoy the chaos that will ensue.

Baaaa…baaaaa! No more…

Forget that.

Instead, I demand mountain goats!

A mountain goat who kicks, leaps, and climbs higher than everyone else.

I am tried of the sheep.

Boring….I am demanding mountain goats and people who like hot sauce.

Welcome to My Blog.

The Youth Tour.

After observing what’s going on in society, I am driven to find answers, DEMAND solutions and be part of the revolution to make this world a better place for our youth, parents and community!

Happy Burning,


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