Exercise, the natural healer

Ahhh…exercise! As adults, youth, and even kids, we state, there isn’t enough time. But what if doctors/ therapists prescribed exercise to you/everyone for mental health healing, not to lose weight, would you do it? Would you carve out 30 or 60 minutes a day for your mental health or block out about 75 minutes a week to address your brain functioning? If the doctor told you that incorporating exercise would help you think clearer, process faster, reduce stress, and overall feel better, would you start moving? At least just a little! True story when I suffered from depression, that was the first thing my two therapists said to do. In 2014, I started to run! Then in 2016, I found yoga. Running is cool but not everyone just starts to run. Yoga you can work into. I started Yoga 3 days a week and wow what an amazing experience. Did you know it’s a philosophy, a way of thinking, a way of processing? Yes, it’s a practice. Ideas like ‘focus on your mat’ transcend to placing you first, listening to your body and mind, and focusing on what’s going on on your mat, not what happened before, or may happen after. That last one helped me with my anxiety and depression. These yoga tidbits changed my life! Some days it was about getting a great workout in, other days to gather life messages. In addition to all of that, yoga teaches everyone to work slowly into positions and never force. Again, another philosophy to carry with you. As we go through our day, it’s best to slowly ease into situations, tasks, and conversations. Never force! Forcing in yoga can cause unwanted pain and in life that’s true, too. So if you know of someone struggling or you are working through something with mental health, I and others suggest adding movement. It maybe be uncomfortable at first, but just 1 walk, 1 class, 1 stretch can truly alter your mental wellness and directly impact how you move through the world! 🙂 let’s start a MOVE-ment for mental wellness.

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