My Bedside Table

My bedside table. Ever since I moved into small space, I try to surround myself with things that matter most to me. With limited space, you have to prioritize!!! So, let me tell you about some items on my bedside. 1. My tea cup. I drink tea all the time, especially decaf! 2. Leadership pin. I received this pin from my college in 2012. I continues to promote me to lead. 3. Brene Brown’s book. Love her. 4. My memory box. It is filled with my husband and mine’s trinkets. 5. Tinkerbell Jar. This jar was purchased at a craft fair in remembrance of an at risk teen who I met two years ago. I still pray for that kid. His story and others is why I am going to drive miles and build a youth studio in my city. 6. The golden sign. These sweet words wake me up every morning with a warm hug. 7. The clock. I am horrible with time. 8. The pink sign: love more, worry less. I have struggled with anxiety for awhile until I fully loved me for me and became free from worry. What do you surround yourself with? What items would you put on your bedside table to represent you? And why? I strongly believe that what we surround ourselves with energetically carries us through our day. I try to design my home based on how things make me feel, not how they look or if it’s magazine quality. Nope. Tonight, I challenge you to surround yourself with items that you love, things that mean something to you, or items that inspire you to succeed, then in a few days see how you feel and if my theory works and helps you find renewed energy, positivity, and love.

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