Next read…what is enough? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What does it look like? How does it shape us? Brene says, our imperfections make who we are and define our beauty, but as we grow up we fight for the “Enough.” She says until we accept ourselves and our imperfections, then we claim our Enough. But this isn’t easy as society tells us, we are not. From media, magazines, etc, we are told we are not. So from an early childhood to adulthood, some of us struggle with the Enough. Not all, but some. Based on society’s messages, we repeat in our heads, we are not meeting standards, we don’t fit in, we aren’t matching others expectations. We aren’t enough. We are not standard, we don’t value, we are not worthy. Those words paralyze us. They freeze us emotionally. Until we find freedom to say, I am enough. I am valued. I have a place in this world. I matter. But this isn’t easy. This is a very adult thing. So many kids struggle through these tough feelings as they transition to adulthood, find they don’t meet standards and they lack what society feels they need to be defined as successful. Because these messages surround them, they fall into The I am Not Enough! And as adults, we struggle as well. This is a generational epidemic. A weakness. passed from one to another. Even if not intended, it’s passed on. For me, I had to feel the coldness of my ceramic bathroom tile floor. I had to feel my head pound so hard I couldn’t lift it. I had to vomit for hours. And I had to hear my kids cry for me to wake up. When I woke up I said, I am enough. I am valued. I have a place in this world. That’s the day, I declared sobriety. The day I claimed, I am enough! Now, I want to advocate for our kids, parents that they are Enough and stop the messages and empower other to claim their Enough!

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