Emmit and I

Emmit and I. Family means a lot to us. I mean a whole lot. When E fell ill with anxiety and depression, we put the breaks on and supported his needs. His request was simple. Listen to me! E described his school experience, his challenges with the curriculum and what he wanted very clearly and we listened.

Now I completely understand not everyone can do what we did. Not everyone can drop everything, sell their home, and homeschool. Nope.

I totally get that.

But through our story, we can suggest simple tips to help you and your family respond to mental health concerns and the education system.

We can promote the value of listening, researching the education system & mental health and the value of being present because that’s what we did and that’s what kids really want.

Us to listen, advocate, and be their parent.

Not a friend. But a parent!

Happy Life,


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