3 Books Same Message

When three books align, you can’t question the message. More American kids are medicated than ever. More kids use devices. More kids aren’t moving. There is a rise in obesity and not just obesity but overall poor health in kids and more parents running to doctors trying to fix their kids! Amazingly, these three books state similar solutions. All three state as parents we need to take responsibility, promote movement, build environments that fit kids, return to the outside, and turn away from medication unless all else fails especially with kids. Dr. Sax drives to the point most parents come to him based on a behavior told to them by their school and want a quick fix! True story: I was once told in a school meeting to medicate my son without any testing for ADHD. I refused. My son said later the man doesn’t understand me. I was told by that same man that he would fail in life and he wouldn’t be able to function in school without medication. I cried until we committed to homeschooling and designed his day to fit his needs. Today at home he has movement breaks, fitness equipment, and the ability to wiggle while working. He is learning to cope and work with his mind not suppress it to fit in. Also since I had issues with medication I didn’t what him to be reliant on prescriptions to feel better but for him to have the control. In Sax’s book, he pleads for the madness to end and society to learn to parent, work with kids & make them move and most of all find alternative ways to modify behaviors! I know this is a touchy topic but when you start to read and hear stories you have to question what’s going on…

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