2012. The year I graduated as an adult from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA. 2012. The year I was awarded honors, a bachelors in education and political science, recognized for my leadership on campus and awarded with a top honor as being an educator who would influence education! Who knew it would take 2 mental breakdowns, sobriety, releasing myself from expectations, saving my son and rethinking one of the oldest systems to make it to 2018 alive, healthier and advocating for a revolution. Not only in education but how we approach mental health, lifestyle choices, addiction, family supports and teen issues. Maybe that one professor saw it in 2012 and it took me almost 6 years to realize it. That I was unique and didn’t fit perfectly into the structured box. Maybe the award was to demand me to kick the box out and rebuild it into a new shape. Maybe he knows that I had the spark and believed. Who knows but finally I am owning my journey, the award and rebuilding one of the toughest boxes of all.

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