5 Phones Calls

Yesterday, I called 5 youth programs. All different in form. During each call, I collected their information, but then I asked them a tough question:

What is affecting our youth?

They all replied.


This is nothing new. Youth have all struggled to understand themeselves, fit in and be part of the greater whole. This is old news but today more than ever this generation is crying out for help. I am still in the discovery why more than before, but I have some hunches.

If you are interested in this, read Brene Brown, Braving the Wilderness!

Then, came others…




cell phones,

social media,

& community support.

So after all the calls that hit CA, CO, DC, Chicago, KY, I took away…this is not a one simple problem but a multifaceted problem that I need to dig into more.

Oh yes, I hate to write, so bear with me as I try to type each blog post and share this info. Personally, I would love to chat about all of these discoveries so maybe a vlog would  be better.  But for now, I will try to type and you can try to take away my information.



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