Living in the now

Today, I took a short hike and I ran into some young guys so I asked them, “What can this generation learn to do better?”

The one dude said, “They need to learn to live in the now.”

I responded, “Why is that so important?”

He said, “Because when you live in the present you can release the past and the future and sit in the present. And that’s the space where you can calm down and find peace.”

I nodded my head and did a double take because in that moment thought I was speaking with a yogi, a not kid. I was speechless so I only could only respond, “Wow. Well put.”

I also asked the group, “Why are you guys in the woods today.”

The same guy responded, “It makes us feel good. We just come here and hang out.”

The conversation rambled on about places they love to visit and their adventures in nature and their hope that teens can find happiness.

Finally, the chat wrapped up with the same guy saying, “I wish you luck. I am not sure if we helped but kids really need something. I don’t know what really, but something.”

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure where I am going with this journey. Not all! But I do know there are ideas and thoughts out there that need to be shared and this epic tour trip is the way to do it!

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