This Fix is Right Here

As a mom, community member, and teacher, I have seen and heard stories from around our nation asking for help with teens and everyone is scrambling to find answers.

I am also asking those same questions.

Why are kids so sad? Why are kids struggling with anxiety, depression? Why are they turning to drugs? Why are they disengaged about school? Why? Why? Why?

Those are just a few.

Like everyone else, I am trying to figure out what makes these kids tick. It is easy when you are older (over 30) to say well it’s this or that and put the blame on technology or their lifestyles. The blame game is so easy, but it never does anything.

So after grappling with that, I am looking to work with, not against and more guide than criticize, because no one likes that. And I truly believe the solution is right here with us, right now. We just don’t want to listen. Do the work or admit that how we are living is making us unhealthy.

So moving forward not backwards. Taking out the what ifs, maybe should’ve, would’ve, could’ve s out of the equation and looking at the present and how we (myself included) can help, support and imagine new for our youth. Deep, right?

So today, I started to list things that have helped me through hard times, things that I value, things that I know work, things that other people suggest, things that are free and easy and right there to do and started planning fun Pop Up Events that I can set upwhile I travel the US.

This sounds silly but it’s not. My story is intense and I have tested a lot different healing practices. And most didn’t cost a lot and most were right there in front of me.


Some things worked, some just so.

But right now, I think I have the tools to help the world/ teens find happiness and it’s not too complicated and many of my ideas are right in front of you or in your neighborhood already.

So no I am not recommending expensive fixes, therapists, and big programs. Because I didn’t do that and my kid didn’t do that. So that’s not our story. Nope.

Our stories (my son’s and mine) are different but similar and I will tell you as I write. You will have to read on…

From my personal experience, it hasn’t taken too much to start investing in being healthy and happy. Nope, not at all.

Maybe a yoga mat, new shoes, a journal, but nothing like thousands and thousands of dollars.


For now, here are my 5 big items to help your teen and maybe yourself find happiness.

  1. be YOU
  2. Explore Nature
  3. Move every day
  4. Talk to someone
  5. Do something you enjoy

Love that. Short and simple and all points don’t cost a thing.



We can heal our youth. It’s right there within us. We just have to believe and support.

Sharing my adventure,


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