How do I select where to stop?

As I map out where to go, I look for 5 important qualities in youth programs.

1. Community!!!! My #1. As I read about youth struggles, loneliness is a topic that comes up over and over again so I am looking for programs that build a community and help fight back those feelings.

2. Innovative – I love being creative so I am in search of out-of-the-box concepts that make you say, Wow that’s so cool!

3. Inspiring- I want to feel like this programs is changing lives everyday through their leadership, programming and mission.

4. Unique Opportunity- I am excited to witness youth doing amazing things because they are involved in that specific program.

5. Personal Development – I am huge on health and wellness so programs that are asking kids to live drug-free, actively make healthy life decisions, promote mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, etc are most definitely included.

Each program is screened through once then twice by viewing their site. Then analyzing how they fit on our travels.

Again next week, I will begin to call.

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