A Story Collector’s Journey

I collect stories.

Good ones and bad ones.  Happy and sad. Triumphs and tragedies.


I seem to collect them like people collect baseball cards.

People share. I listen and empathize. We connect.

Yes, my name is Allison and I am a story collector.

But recently, I am tired of collecting sad stories about our youth. Stories about gangs, violence, trauma, suicide, drugs, depression, addiction, anxiety, bullying, etc. etc. etc.

There seems to be an overflow of negativity. Especially surrounding this generation.

Oh man, these group is struggling. At least from the stories I am hearing, reading and interacting with. These guys are really lost.

Not all, but some are really, really struggling with life. I could list the reasons but it’s not the time and the list is long.

I guess that’s why am I pursuing this incredible journey across the country in search of more stories.

Not sad ones.

But stories about people changing lives. People doing awesome stuff for our youth. People who are motivating our youth to be more.

Because I love those stories and those stories are stories that we need to hear.


Because what some of us are doing isn’t working. Nope.

Not at all.

The meds. Nope.

The hospital visitation. Nope.

The rehab. Maybe a little.

After much reflection, I believe we need to huge revolution in how we help our youth and we really, really, really need to look at the situation differently.

And of course, be brave enough to try new ideas to help our youth find success.

After years of watching youth fall to unhealthy choices, I decided that I wanted to be part of the conversation instead of the sidelines. You can only watch for so long until you say no more.

And a few months ago, I said, no more.

Totally with me…of course, you are.

Pretty cool stuff, right?

Right now, I have a growing list of programs and people I want to meet!

You will be impressed.

That’s the plan so far.

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