Why drive miles?

Why drive miles for this generation?

Because it feels like the right thing to do.

Actually, it’s the only thing I can think of right now as I sit at my computer typing this post.

As I read and hear stories about our youth’s situation, I feel a deep sorrow and desperation to help. The news, books, podcasts, doctors, parents talk about their depression, anxiety, suicide rate, sexting, addiction, me-centric focus, etc…. and it scares me to see our youth fall because they are our next generation and right now they are struggling to keep it together.

Why not just make calls?

I feel I need to get out there and interact with the leaders and the youth and be in the present of these great programs changing lives.

Also, I want to share their stories and to shout out the world this is our next generation, these things are working, these things aren’t working and these are the people and programs making an impact because we are losing this generation and it must STOP, parents need help, and the world will some day say what happened. With a follow up question, could we have done more.

Where are you going?

Not entirely sure. I live in Allentown, PA. So probably travel east to west and back again, but I am really not sure at this point.


Aren’t other dealing with this?

Yes, there are people on the ground advocating for our youth but many say it’s not enough and they are losing the battle. Most important, they are unsure of the next step. And so am I.

So for 3 weeks this summer, I am driving to find programs that are supporting our youth. My plan is to stop, experience and share out via social media about the program to not only learn for myself about the program but for others out there to take in new information.

How far?

Not sure. I am going to let the road led the way. I would assume more than 100 miles…

How long?

Not sure. I am planning 3 weeks but truly it will end when I have enough information to go home and say I have plenty of ideas and I am ready to share them with my amazing city, Allentown, PA.

How can you help?

Right now, I am looking for motivating, engaging, innovative youth programs targeting at-risk youth. I am also in search of alternative wellness programs relating to meditation, yoga, art, theater, etc.

If you know one, let me know…I want to hear about its leaders and programming and how they are changing lives.

Where do you go from today?

I am making calls, reaching out to local organization, finding funding and planning for a departure around the end of June.


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