Where are we going?

This trip is being determined by many things but one pull is to discover what’s going on in the United States with our youth and how leaders, cities and individuals are supporting this generation! Our Road Map We are leaving on Saturday June 24 and we are heading west to San Fran then returning to Allentown, PA by July 15th. Please check out our Instagram … Continue reading Where are we going?

The words I write will burn like hot sauce!

I warned you! Now, it’s your choice. If you are looking for that fluffy blog full of unicorns, sheep and ‘you are wonderful’ statements, you are on the wrong blog. This blog isn’t formatted to give you warm feelings about you, your kids and society. No. Totally not going to do that. Because most of us are already full of ourselves. So I don’t need … Continue reading The words I write will burn like hot sauce!